For your transport of any kind, we can recommend Sprint Transport from Houthalen-Helchteren Limburg. This company works very closely with H. Essers and Mainfreight Transport and can therefore offer emergency courier as groupage services. They can also take care of speed delivery transports of 3m3-45m3. The method is very simple. You let your goods to be transported (moving away and up to 2m40 length) pick up anywhere in Belgium or you bring them to the warehouse yourself. This can then be in Genk or Houthalen-Helchteren, depending on the type of transport you prefer. The method in groupage are standard prices per m3 which you can obtain on request. If desired, this company can also offer you a rush delivery service. These are also price calculations on request. The advantage of rush delivery courier is that you determine the delivery date yourself and that there is only your goods in the vehicle that are fixed in a professional manner to prevent transport damage. We also recommend that you always work with an official transport company as they are in possession of all necessary permits and insurances and drive with a recent vehicle fleet that meets the latest emission standards that allow them to enter all cities.

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